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Crash Offsets


This page attempts to collate the offsets found in this thread into a single, searchable database.

Finding Your Crash Offset

In order to get the offset from a crash:

  • Press Win+R, enter 'eventvwr.msc' and hit okay.
  • Go to Windows Logs, then Application Logs and search for your crash.
  • Under the 'general' tab, note the faulting module name (i.e. common.dll) and the fault offset (i.e. 0x000d21eb).

If you're using the event viewer for this a lot, you can use the following xml filter to only show errors generated by Freelancer.exe and flserver.exe:

<Query Id="0" Path="Application">
<Select Path="Application">*[System[(Level=2) and (EventID=1000)]] and *[EventData[Data and (Data='Freelancer.exe' or Data='flserver.exe')]]</Select>


FileOffsetFound byDescription
common.dllaf690adoxaINI_Reader constructor; problem with normal FLHook (uses 1024 bytes of data, but 5480 bytes are required; plugin version uses 8192).
common.dll5e010adoxaPart of function Fuse::UnBurn, if that helps
common.dlle3f9dadoxaMemory allocation failure.
common.dllf24a0adoxaDeliberate segfault (presumably a "this should never happen" scenario).*
common.dll103141HuorRelated to PhySys::PhyCollisionStateManager::enable_collisions.
common.dll603d6HeIIoweenOriginates from from IObjInspectImpl::is_targetable: something that shouldn't have been targeted has been targeted.
common.dll10deaAlexGood missing equipment line.
common.dll91f38HeIIoweenship_archetype = <blank> in players file
common.dll5be63Lord of the HellMissing exclusion zone, but is called in asteroid/nebula file - look to FlSpew.txt for zone nickname
common.dll25cc9Lord of the HellBad surface file
common.dll62555Gold_SearOccurs when docking with a tradelane that has neither a prev_ring nor a next_ring entry
common.dllf20e3Cpt_Rei_FukaiBad thruster model
common.dllc22feCpt_Rei_FukaiOccurs when you try to load a save game that contains a reputation to a faction that doesn't exist in initialworld.ini
common.dllaa91aCpt_Rei_FukaiOccurs when you try to buy a ship which contains an invalid item in its package. E.g the nickname of the engine does not exist.
common.dll4aa02CellulanusOccurs when an NPC that was using a weapon that's model wasn't actually set to be a gun model is destroyed.
common.dll9143BC46Specified loadout for [MsnSolar] is not defined in loadouts.ini.
common.dll62ffbebRuppetthemuppetRelates to a bad NPC costume (inconsistent gender choices according to IDA) in mBases.ini
common.dll4fe6cdrakohenCShip::Launch causes a CTD when the client and server don't have matching base nicknames in the [Object] entry in a system INI. The client is the one that has the CTD.
common.dll45c30Ruppetthemuppet[Asteroids] block has been declared in a system ini file without a valid zone
common.dll96879BeaglerushBad projectile archetype in [Gun] block.

*This occured with a bad rotation_inertia value (0, 0, 0) in shiparch.ini (-R, 2023-03-13)


FileOffsetFound byDescription
content.dll490a5FriendlyFireRelated to multiple players/ships suiciding at the same moment into a planet/death zone.
content.dllaf690adoxaINI_Reader constructor; problem with normal FLHook (uses 1024 bytes of data, but 5480 bytes are required; plugin version uses 8192).
content.dll490a5HeIIoweenformation errors, check faction_prop.ini formation values
content.dllc45a2HeIIoweenEncounter related. Can be patched with 0C458F, 8B0482->33C090
content.dll47bc4Tiger_MURelated to NPCs and/or their chatter. Possibly bad encounter, missing formation from factionprop.ini
content.dll5ccd4HeIIoweenMissing/mistyped formation.
content.dlldb0f1Lord of the Hell, Cpt_Rei_FukaiPatrol encounter attempted to spawn inside a population zone that wasn't a patrol path.
content.dll9100fLord of the HellPossible bad tradelane
content.dll9566dLord of the HellPossible bad tradelane
content.dllc465fNovaMixed non-patched and 1.1 patched files.
content.dll55727Cpt_Rei_FukaiOccurs when an encounter is spawned that contains more permutation lines than formations
content.dllf7c2fRuppetthemuppetBad rmlootprops.ini entries.
content.dllc458fFriendlyFirePatrol encounter contains a faction that is not defined in the related base's BaseFaction entries.
content.dll12e10RuppetthemuppetRelates to a bad NPC costume (inconsistent gender choices according to IDA) in mBases.ini
content.dll956e4Ruppetthemuppetnpc_ship in faction_prop.ini listed that does not exist.
content.dll6c216RuppetthemuppetSeems to be a missing or null patrol path waypoint. This was originally triggered by giving an NPC on patrol in a ship that couldn't vanish by docking the arrival = all, -tradelane, -object_jump_gate tag. In cases where the patrol spawned at the end of the path in a docked state, it would cause this crash
content.dll53b9fRuppetthemuppetBad encounter file (Missing [EncounterFormation] or [Creation] blocks.)
content.dlld9151RuppetthemuppetBad path in a system encounter declaration (Missing encounter ini file)
content.dllc491fRuppetthemuppetEmpty encounter? Occured when ship_by_class had a 0 value with no alternatives
content.dll63a98BC46Related to character animations. This occured when voice keys were commented out in gcsexcl.ini without also commenting out their accompanying scripts.
content.dll639c6BC46Related to character animations. This occured when voice keys were commented out in gcsexcl.ini without also commenting out their accompanying scripts.


FileOffsetFound byDescription
server.dll078d3adoxacalled as part of pub::SpaceObj::Dock
server.dll14990adoxaalso part of docking, and others (it's a function to swap the sign of a vector)
server.dll2c267adoxaseems to be another part of docking, and others
server.dll2c290adoxaseems to be another part of docking, and others
server.dll76fdfHeIIoweenRelated to loading a player. Possibly a corrupt character file.
server.dll17f38RuppetthemuppetRelated to a bad ship loadout. Occurs after Loadout::Get (presumably returning NULL), called when a ship is created
server.dll702064LazTriggered by warping to a base that doesn't have a physical presence, but has an mbase and universe entry
server.dll2247fRuppetthemuppetNPC loadout is missing engine. Attempts to enter cruise, then can't find and crashes.
server.dll0f988RuppetthemuppetMissing destination jumpgate


FileOffsetFound byDescription
alchemy.dll0701BGold_SearRare crash, occurs inconsistently when creating an instant jump fx
alchemy.dll1f3a6Cpt_Rei_FukaiOccurs when the <pairs> of an effect use numbers that do not exist in the <fx> part of the effect.
alchemt.dll000187bcRuppetthemuppetDuplicate node name (occured when an emitter and node had the same name)
dalib.dll04353robocopMemory allocation failure (in CDPMsgList::Add). It's only asking for 12 bytes, so there must be some serious memory leakage going on.
Freelancer.exe06100adoxaBad wireframe
Freelancer.exe114764Gold_SearOccurs when a next_ring does not reference to a tradelane ring
Freelancer.exe58000Cpt_Rei_FukaiOccurs when a player has got an item equipped that no longer exists, e. g. the weapon was deleted.
Freelancer.exe54f08HeIIoweenPossible corrupted mbases.ini.
ntdll.dll3ff05HeIIoweenIncompatible d3d8.dll wrapper/converter.
ntdll.dll11689HeIIoweennot supported/equipable archetype in players char file.
ntdll.dll101b3Tiger_MURelated to NPCs and/or their chatter.
ntdll.dll109d8JeiderReason: using inherit in ShieldGenerator
rendcomp.dll11163Lord of the Hellbad hash at <VMeshLibrary>
Freelancer.exe3bb07RuppetthemuppetInvalid base room